Ink Fingerprinting


Ink Fingerprinting

American Health Biometrics offer ink card fingerprinting to the general public. Ink card fingerprinting is done on hard cards and then submitted by the applicant to appropriate agency. Fingerprints are then cross-referenced to the criminal database to check an applicant’s criminal history

Ink fingerprint

American Health Biometrics provides traditional ink card fingerprint for businesses and individual applicants that need this service .  Our FBI Ink Card Fingerprint service is provided to our applicants who need to obtain a nationwide background check from the FBI, and those who need to send their fingerprint images to states outside of California. We provide the highest quality ink printing available for your ID cards.  A standard 8″x8″ FBI fingerprint card, also known as FBI FD-258 card, is normally used. If you do not have the required cards, we will provide them no problem.

FBI Ink Card (FD-258) – Fingerprinting

Almost all police departments no longer provide ink card service to the public. American Health Biometrics clients have the peace-of-mind knowing that their fingerprint cards are prepared by DOJ and FBI certified fingerprint technicians. All FBI cards will be signed by your technician along with their DOJ/FBI FPC certification number. This is an example of an  FBI ink card (FD-258). This card is usually provided by your agency, however if you need to get fingerprinted and you don’t have this card, We can provide it to you. FBI are very sensitive when it comes to ink or traditional fingerprinting, you can get rejected easily for many reasons. So be careful on choosing a location to get fingerprinted or else, it will cost you time. American Health Biometrics fingerprint rollers are so used to doing this that we can almost give you a guarantee to pass the first time you get fingerprinted. (So far we have 99% passing rate from FBI/DOJ ink card & live scan fingerprint.)

Mobile FBI Ink card fingerprinting

American Health Biometrics offers Mobile ink fingerprint, We will send our mobile team to coordinate your on-site service that is so efficient, non-disruptive and cost effective. Basic Mobile FBI Fingerprint Card service is available to groups with 8 or more Applicants requiring fingerprinting. V.I.P Mobile FBI Fingerprint service is a convenient option for busy executives. From large groups, to the CEO with time limitations and everything in between, American Health Biometrics is the only choice for perfectly prepared FBI fingerprint cards. With FBI fingerprints you only want experienced professionals preparing your cards.

Ink Pads

At American Health Biometrics, we use high quality ink pads for our ink card fingerprints. The quality ink we use makes all the difference with fingers that may be dry or oily and have trouble picking up ink and rolling an acceptable print. It is easy to clean and everyone will get a ink remover wipe to clean up with upon completion of being printed.

Fingerprint Cards

The most common fingerprint cards used are pictured on your left side. This is a standard FBI FD258 ink card fingerprint . We always have a large supply of this type and if you do not already have your own we can supply you with what is needed. If you are not sure what kind of fingerprint card you need feel free to call American Health Biometrics and we can point you in the right direction. Our clients also have the piece of mind knowing that fingerprint cards are prepared by Department of Justice and FBI certified fingerprint technicians.  All FBI cards will be signed by your technician along with their DOJ/FBI Fingerprinting identified certification number.

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