Discover Convenience: Our New Notary Location Near Long Beach Airport

It’s a big day! You’ve just closed a significant real estate deal, but you need those papers notarized before catching a flight out of Long Beach Airport. Or, you’re finalizing an urgent business agreement and need a notary seal immediately. In times like this, our new notary location saves the day.

Prime Location, Prime Convenience

Our new office is conveniently located at 3816 Stineman Ct. Long Beach, CA 90808 just a stone’s throw away from Long Beach Airport and the bustling Long Beach Exchange, or LBX. It offers unparalleled accessibility. 

Whether you’re a business traveler, a local professional, or need to notarize personal paperwork, our notary services fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. We understand that making an office visit isn’t always feasible, which is why our mobile service is here to accommodate you. We ensure you have a notary when and where you need one, a value added service.

Situations Where Our Services Shine

Closing on a Real Estate Transaction

You’ve negotiated a great deal on a property but need notarized signatures to close. You and other parties involved in the transaction can swing by our airport location before catching your flight. Or better yet, our mobile service can meet you at the property location, further streamlining the process.

Dealing with Health Emergencies

Health emergencies can happen anytime; notarized medical documents protect your best interests. Whether granting a power of attorney or establishing an advanced healthcare directive, we help clients handle these sensitive matters without delay. Our mobile notary adds convenience when coming to your preferred location, whether at a long-term care facility, hospital, home, lawyers’ office, or local coffee shop.

Finalizing Business Deals

Business moves quickly! But instead of scrambling to find a notary in an unfamiliar city, our office near LBX is the perfect solution. Convenient, quick, and reliable, we help you seal the deal efficiently, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

A Relatable Story: Making Life Easier for Everyone

Consider Celeste, a busy real estate agent who sold a sizeable commercial property. She must notarize documents before her client can officially close on the land for a new development. 

Her problem? She must also catch a flight to meet with another potential client in a few hours. Thankfully, our notary office is minutes away from Long Beach Airport. Celeste and her associates drop by, everything gets notarized, and she makes her flight with time to spare. It’s situations like these where our location saves the day.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Where can I find your new offices:

A: You can find our new office at: 3816 Stineman Ct. Long Beach, CA 90808

Q: What do I need to have and bring with me? 

A: Please have a valid photo ID and any documents that need notarization. 

Fast, Friendly, And Professional Notary Services

Our new notary location near Long Beach Airport and LBX makes life easier. From real estate transactions and business deals to personal and medical documents, we ensure your notary needs get met promptly and professionally. Visit us or take advantage of our mobile service for ultimate convenience.

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