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Frequently Asked Questions

All institutions and professions with applicants for employment. licensing or certification:
Security Guards, Teachers, Schools, Realtors, Notaries, CPAs, Lottery Retailers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Nurses/Doctors/Hospitals, Attorneys, Caregivers for children and elderly, Gaming, Insurance, Pilots, Pharmacists, Volunteers, Dental Assistants, Others.

No appointment is needed. Walk-ins are welcome during our normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM-7:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. As a walk-in customer you will be live scanned on a first come first serve basis. For groups of more than 2, we prefer you set up an appointment in order to avoid possible wait time.

Yes. The DOJ does not share your information with other agencies. It is against the law for different agencies to share confidential fingerprint results with each other. An applicant’s Live Scan form acts as a release for a criminal history response to be sent to the specified requesting agency. This means that you must submit a new application each time a criminal history is requested of you; therefore you must go through the Live Scan process again. Previous Live Scan information CANNOT be utilized. You must be Live Scan fingerprinted any time you change employers when you work in the public school system.

In most cases, the results from DOJ come back within 48 hours. The results are either emailed or sent to the requesting agency listed on the Request for Live Scan Service form.

For California Applicants:

You need to contact your “Requesting Agency”, you can find the information for your requesting agency on the Request for Live Scan form that you used when submitting your live scan transaction.

To check the status of your live scan, you can call the DOJ hotline at (916) 227-2300 or visit the DOJ website by clicking here.

You will need the following information:

  • Your date of birth (DOB)
  • The 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) number that is located at the bottom of the Live Scan Applicant Request form.

If you are calling the hotline, keep in mind that your ATI number consists of both letters and numbers, use the corresponding digits on your key pad for the letters. The date of birth (DOB) should be typed in as a two digit month, two digit day, and a four digit year (01/01/1999).

For Requesting Agencies in California:

Questions regarding applicant transactions can be emailed to: appagencyquestions@doj.ca.gov

The agency requesting the background check will provide you with the live scan forms necessary to complete the live scan. All Live Scan forms must be provided to you by the agency that wants you to get fingerprinted. These forms contain information that is unique to each agency and this information must be provided before arriving to have your prints taken.

rejected fingerprintsSometimes, Fingerprints may be rejected for reasons beyond our control. The most common reasons are the applicant’s fingerprints have characteristics that are difficult to capture in the live scan process. This would include items such as cuts, scars and calluses. If an applicant has fingerprints rejected on this basis, and they were originally scanned by our agency, we will re scan your fingerprints at no additional charge.

Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from DOJ to review the information for accuracy and completeness. You may request a background clearance for yourself based on fingerprints, and other personal information. California Department of Justice only accepts Live Scan fingerprints for personal record review checks. As the state’s central repository for criminal history records, the California Department of Justice provides an automated fingerprint submission service for conducting criminal background checks that may be required as a condition of employment, licensing, certification, child placement, or entry into the United States or another country. Criminal history background checks from the FBI may be conducted using ink-rolled fingerprints on paper cards (generally on FBI FD-258 cards).

fingerprint instructions

Instructions for requesting personal record review is below:

Click on the following links base on the type of agency you are:

1. Schools for contractors
2. In-home supportive care
3. Youth organization and HR
4. Contract/Proprietary Security Organizations
5. City, County and Special Districts
– Please contact AuthorizationQuestions@doj.ca.gov to schedule consultation on current application and resolution drafting procedures.
6. Authorization request packet utilized by all applicant agencies unless designated above

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